Painted Wire Pumpkin

Project Sheet: cd917

Painted Wire Pumpkin

Painted Wire Pumpkin

Project Sheet: cd917


• Wire Pumpkin –CRZ/353

• Design Master Spray paint: Orange 775

• Raffia

• Mini Maple Leaf Garland – GBA/772

• Optional - Krylon Satin Spray Paint Italian Olive


1. Optional: Cover the wire pumpkin with newspaper leaving stem exposed. Spray stem with the Italian olive spray paint., let dry. This is what we did for our sample, it could also be left the rust brown color.

2. Wrap newspaper around the stem and spray paint the rest of the pumpkin orange, let dry. May need to apply a few coats.

3. Cut an 18" piece of mini garland and wrap around the stem and along the top of the pumpkin.

4. Using raffia tie a bow around the stem and trim off any extra raffia.


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