Mummy Glass Block

Project Sheet: cd097

Mummy Glass Block

Mummy Glass Block

Project Sheet: cd097


• 2 pkgs of cheesecloth 1 per block

• 2 – 35mm wiggle eyes

• 2 – 28mm wiggle eyes

• 2 sets of white 20ct lights

• large glass block

• small glass block

• hot glue



1. Take one package of cheesecloth out of package and remove the paper insert which it is wrapped around. While cheese cloth is still folded cut about 3" from end of long side across to other long side so you will then have three 3" wide strips for large block. Do the same thing with next package except cut into about 1 1/2" wide strips for small block.

2. Cut two 10" pieces for large block or two 7" ones for small block from one of the cheesecloth strips and hot glue to the top of the glass block over lapping the two pieces and edges of the block. Opening should be on bottom.

3. Then start in the top left hand corner secure a strip of cheesecloth with hot glue and wrap around block.

4. At the end of that strip, attach another strip by tying it in a knot and continue to wrap block and repeat with other strips.

5. Tuck in eyes under cheesecloth so it hangs over top of eye and bottom of eye and hot glue into place. Secure cheesecloth with hot glue wherever you feel it needs it, such as along the top and bottom of blocks.

6. Place the 20ct light set into the blocks. Leave cord hanging out and cover opening with clear packaging tape.

7. Place on shelf or counter, plug in and enjoy.

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