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Loom Band Bracelets

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Project Sheet: cd945

Hover to Zoom  Hover over image below to zoom in


• Rubber Band Loom Tool

• Stretch band clips

• Loom bands


1. Place Band #1 (B1) on hook.

2. Add Band #2 (B2).

3. Pull B2 and place B1 so it is hanging on B2.

4. Fold B2 over onto hook; it will look doubled on the hook.

5. Add Band #3 (B3). Pull on B3 and move B2 so it is hanging on the stretched out B3 band. Fold over B3 onto the hook.

6. Repeat this process, adding as many bands as you need or want. Before removing the last band, attach closure ring or jump ring, making sure it goes over both bands on the hook. Remove and place band on other end of bracelet into ring and you are done!

*You can also find a video tutorial on how to make the Loom Band Bracelets on online here: