Happy Harvest Tri-Fold Frame

Project Sheet: cd952

Happy Harvest Tri-Fold Frame

Happy Harvest Tri-Fold Frame

Project Sheet: cd952


• Three Panel Frame – SCH/193

• Doodlebug Happy Harvest Line:

     -Plentiful Plaid Paper #3923

     -Fall Flowers Paper #3926

     -Forest of Friends Paper #3925

     -Mini Doodle-pops Owlettes #3889

     -Mini Flowers #3944

     -Sprinkles #4002

• Polka Dot Orange Washi Tape – Queen & Co.

• Fresh Foilage Acrylic Paint – Folk Art

• Foam Dots

• Photos



1. Remove glass panes, and paint the entire frame with fresh foliage. Let dry.

2. Cut the plentiful plaid paper into 6 pieces that measure 4"x5.5".

3. Cut three squares each from the fall flowers and forest friends paper that measure 3"x3" and three squares form each that measure 2.5"x2.5".

4. Assemble three mini flowers, using foam dots and adding a sprinkle to the center of each flower.

5. Adhere each mini flower onto the 2.5" square of the fall flower print. Then adhere the squares onto the 3" square wood grain side, using foam dots.

6. Apply the owl doodle-pops to each 2.5" square of forest friends paper. Then adhere the squares onto the 3" square yellow polka dot side.

7. Reassemble frame placing a piece of plaid paper in between two panes of glass for each opening.

8. Crop photos if needed and adhere photos onto glass, to the leaf print side of paper as pictured.

9. On three of the open panes adhere the mini flower embellished squares. On the remaining three adhere the owl squares as pictured.

10. Apply washi tape on the frame of each photo.

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