Games Wood Suitcase

Project Sheet: cd733

Games Wood Suitcase

Games Wood Suitcase

Project Sheet: cd733


• Wood Suitcase

• Green & Yellow Paint

• 2-12x12 Paper in coordinating colors

• Ultra Seal

• G-A-M-E-S Vinyl letters

• Vinyl Tic Tac Toe

• Velcro

• Deck of Cards

• Small Notepad

• Small flat backed marbles

• Glossy Accents



1. Paint outside of case using green paint and inside of case using yellow paint. This may take up to 3 coats of paint as the wood tends to soak up a lot of the paint. Allow to dry.

2. Cut both 12x12 paper into 1 ½" squares. Use Ultra Seal to apply squares to the bottom of the case making a 8x8 square that is to be used as a checkerboard.

3. On the inside top half apply the vinyl letters to spell the word GAMES. Attach Velcro to both the notepad (to be used as a score sheet) and the deck of cards. Attach other half of Velcro in inside top half of box to secure both score sheets and cards when traveling.

4. Apply vinyl tic tac toe board to inside top half. Apply X & O vinyls to small flat backed marbles.

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