Family Hook Plaque

Project Sheet: cd939

Family Hook Plaque

Family Hook Plaque

Project Sheet: cd939


• Wooden Plaque w/ Scroll Top & Hooks – SCH/398

• 12x12 Sheet of Printed Tile Burlap – Canvas Corp

• 1 ¾" Black letters to spell out FAMILY – Sbars

• Black/Cream/Brown Darjeeling flowers

     Med Mix #1461-001- Petaloo

• Black Chalk Catseye Ink Pad

• Glossy Accents

• Glue Dots

• Small Phillips Screwdriver

• Optional:

     -Little black frames-YOR/1886




1. Using screwdriver, remove hooks from plaque

2. Apply glossy accents to the front of the plaque. Lay burlap sheet over the top of glossy accents plaque, smoothing it out. Let dry.

3. Once dry trim off the extra burlap around the plaque.

4. Screw hooks back on the plaque. If you look closely you can see the holes slightly through the burlap as to where the hooks were.

5. Apply a flower to the top of the plaque using glue dots.

6. Adhere the letters to spell out family, to the burlap using glossy accents. Let dry.

7. Take the ink pad directly to the edges of the plaque covering the sides. Let dry.

8. Optional: Adhere photos to little black frames using glue dots or glossy accents. Adhere a ribbon/twine to each frame, as well to frames from each hook.

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