Fall Colors Wood Tray

Project Sheet: cd903

Fall Colors Wood Tray

Fall Colors Wood Tray

Project Sheet: cd903


• Wooden Tray KID/73

• Brown Paint

• 2- pieces of balsa wood 1"x1/8"x36"

• 3- pieces of balsa wood ½"x1"x36"

• Various paints in fall colors

• Envirotex

• Scissor

• Hot glue gun



1. Paint wooden tray desired shade of brown paint.

2. Use scissor to cut both pieces of the 1" balsa and two pieces of the ½" balsa into random sizes.

3. Set aside one paint color to use later.

4. Paint the pieces of balsa with the remaining colors of paint. Paint a variety of sizes in different colors.

5. With the other ½" balsa, paint this entire piece one color and set aside.

6. Use the hot glue to gun to start randomly gluing in your painted pieces of balsa. Or you can lay them all in first and glue later if you want to make a pattern first. You will have open spaces that your pieces were not able to fill.

7. Cut the last piece of balsa down into pieces that fit into the open spots in your pattern. Same small gaps are fine.

8. Mix Envirotex according to package and pour into inside of tray. Allow to dry overnight.


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