Cards Wood Suitcase

Project Sheet: cd732

Cards Wood Suitcase

Cards Wood Suitcase

Project Sheet: cd732


• Wood Suitcase

• Paint: Peaches N Cream

• 12x12 Paper in coordinating colors

• 5 Small burlap pre-cut squares

• Gray Thicker Sticker Letters

• Twine

• Hot Glue

• Staples



1. Paint entire suitcase using peach colored paint. This may take up to 3 coats of paint as the wood tends to soak up a lot of the paint. Allow to dry.

2. Use patterned paper to decorate and embellish the top, and both parts inside the case.

3. Apply 1 sticker letter to each burlap square C-A-R-D-S. Reinforce the stickers by adding hot glue to them and then sticking them to the burlap. Flip burlap squares over and apple glue to top side and sticking twine in the glue. This will secure the burlap to the glue. To add a extra bit of detail, from the front side of burlap, staple the burlap to the string, on each side.

4. Hang string in top inside portion of case using staples to secure on each side. Leave tails of twine hanging on each side if desired.

5. On outside front of case use sticker letters to write "Oh happy happy day" and on the inside bottom of case you sticker letters to write "Me & You".


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