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Alcohol Ink Magnets

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Project Sheet: cd018

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• Alcohol Inks (3 Colors)

• Alcohol Blending Solution

• Alcohol Ink Applicator

• Clear stamp of choice

• Staz-on Ink Pad

• Self Sticking Rhinestone

• Resin Magnets

• Vinyl Words



1. Apply 3 colors of ink to felt applicator.

2. Randomly stamp and twist the inked applicator onto resin magnet, front and sides.

3. Apply blending solution to the same felt and continue stamping to blend and lighten colors.

4. Apply vinyl to the magnet or stamp image onto magnet by applying Staz-on ink to the clear stamp of your choice.

5. Stamp image onto the top of the magnet, being careful to press all edges firmly.

6. Adhere rhinestones, if desired.